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Take The Free Self Love Assessment Test

Do You Love Yourself

                Self-Assessment Test

How do you know if you really love yourself?

Is your self-esteem healthy or unhealthy?

Self-love is something that can and should be cultivated. There are many tools and techniques for developing it. After all, how can you truly love others unless you love yourself first?

Take our quick test below to reveal your self love value….Answer part 1 and part 2 then tally up your score ……to reveal your results!! You will need to print it off, or keep your tally on some note paper..

Now go ahead and discover where is self esteem is really at??


You generally put your own needs before those of others – YES_____  NO ____

Self-care is a top priority for you – YES_____  NO ____

You feel that you have valuable gifts to share with the world – YES_____  NO ____

You know your own worth – YES_____  NO ____

You believe in yourself – YES_____  NO ____

You trust your intuition and follow it – YES_____  NO ____

You know when to say “No,” and are OK with saying it – YES_____  NO ____

You are glad to be you – YES_____  NO ____

You love the life you have created for you – YES_____  NO ____

You feel comfortable in your own skin – YES_____  NO ____

You do not dependent on the opinions of others to feel good about yourself – YES_____  NO ____

You eat well – YES_____  NO ____

You exercise regularly – YES_____  NO ____

You can look in the mirror and approve of what you see – YES_____  NO ____

You are kind to yourself and others – YES_____  NO ____

You feel compassion for yourself and others – YES_____  NO ____

You take time for yourself to rest, relax, and rejuvenate – YES_____  NO ____

You have a network of supportive friends – YES_____  NO ____

You reach out for help and support when you need it and are not afraid to ask for help – YES_____  NO ____

You have fun often – YES_____  NO ____

You know what you want and can take steps to accomplish it – YES_____  NO ____

PART 1 TOTAL POINTS = ___________




You are often self-critical – YES_____  NO ____

You put yourself down and say unkind things to yourself – YES_____  NO ____

You do not like what you see in the mirror – YES_____  NO ____

You eat junk food to comfort yourself when you are down – YES_____  NO ____

You use drink or drugs to cope – YES_____  NO ____

You isolate yourself – YES_____  NO ____

You are a people pleaser – YES_____  NO ____

You put yourself last – YES_____  NO ____

You often feel like you do not have a choice – YES_____  NO ____

You feel a lot of resentment because you cannot say “No.” – YES_____  NO ____

You feel like a failure – YES_____  NO ____

You are afraid of making mistakes – YES_____  NO ____

Sometimes you are too afraid to act, because of what others will say about you – YES_____  NO ____

PART 2 TOTAL POINTS = ___________


Test Results – the fun part:)

Calculate Your Score

  1. Assign 1 point to each question you answered “Yes” to for both Parts 1 and 2
  2. Add up your score for Part 1
  3. Add up your score for Part 2
  4. Subtract Part 2 score from Part 1 score

Read Your Results

  • If you score 15-21, then you have a healthy sense of self-worth. You love yourself and know how to look after yourself. Keep up the good work!
  • If your score is between 8-15, then there is room for some improvement. You can do much more to love yourself and bring more joy and contentment into your life. You have some good foundational practices, but you deserve more! There are many ways you can learn to love yourself more.
  • If you score less than 8, then you probably have low self-esteem and low self-worth. You are much better than you realize!

Next Step

If you scored below 15, now is the time to make some profound inner changes and really start to love and care for yourself. Start today by taking our Self Esteem Super Boost Challenge and dramatically increase your self-esteem in only 5 days.

You are the most important person in your own life! If you love yourself deeply, then you will have so much more to offer to those around you.

Loving yourself more will help you avoid burnout and will help you do a better job of caring for those around you. You will feel much better about yourself and experience more contentment. Take action now and watch your world change for the better!