5 Steps To Boldly Push Past Your Limitation

Do you realise you are probably way more capable of more than you may currently think you are?  Because if you reflect back, you already have proof that this is true, but you may not have realised it or even noticed. Take a moment to pause and think back right now. Think back to a time when you actually surprised yourself by completing a task that you considered was way beyond anything you could do or achieve. So was it just a fluke, or are you way more capable than you realise?

Too often the very thing that’s limiting us is ourselves. We tend to do the same things repeatedy. This is a way of playing safe and avoid having to extend ourselvesWhen we just stick to doing what we know we are good at doing, it feels safe and comfortable.  After all, trying new things is scary?

Today, though, is going to be different. Today you’re going to do something bold and daring. Today, you’re going to push past your limitations. Here’s how:

1. Tell yourself you’re going to do this. The moment you say those magic words, whatever you’re pushing yourself to do becomes possible in your mind. It’s when you tell yourself that you can’t do something you’re doomed to failure. On the contrary, maintaining a strong attitude of “I can” will help you feel more courageous and empowered, so keep reminding yourself of this until your feelings match and you start to feel unstoppable.

2. Find someone who knows what you’re going through.

Find a mentor who you relate to, or admire or believe has the wisdom to help you achieve what you want and where you want to go. One of the most powerful things to you can do to help achieve your goals is to tap into someone else’s experience – someone who can help guide, navigate, motivate and support you in your journey.

3. Know your plan?

You never set out in your car without knowing where you want to go and the route you will take. In the same way, you need a list of mini-goals to aspire to, as well as some milestones to recognise when you pass them. Sometimes you need a roadmap before you take bold action!

4. Keep records.

By journaling and writing down every day’s successes you have something tangible that you can go back and page through to see where you’ve been and how much you’ve accomplished. This record becomes inspiration and motivation both, as it reminds you of all those times where you acted with boldness in the past. 

5. Dare yourself.

If you’re at all competitive by nature, then use that to your advantage. Set small challenges for yourself. Show yourself what a winner you are: Try making a bet with yourself that will will achieve something within a specific time frame, and then give it all your have to succeed.

Never feel too afraid of challenging yourself with new goals and aspirations. When perceived limitations arise, view them as stepping stones to success and find a way around and through the perceived obstacle in front of you.

And never stop until you get there! Tel yourself you can do this!! Because you can!


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