self esteem

8 Tips for Improving Self Esteem

8 tips for improving self esteem that are useful to everyone. These  tips, if put to use, have the potential to change your life  life, and I am not trying to exaggerate.

Self – esteem is what keeps our inner life alive. Self – esteem allows you to be who you are and have confidence in yourself. In any situation, you can be truly yourself.

Now let me introduce 8 great principles that need a little bit of practice to raise self – esteem .  I want you to know that simply knowing these principles does not lift your self esteem.  But if you actually practice these things, your self-esteem will grow as time passes. Now, let’s get started.

Tip #1 . Do not compare yourself with others.

At one time in your life, you might have looked at your neighbours, family, friends, or colleagues with envious eyes. You may have envied their huge salary, a decent home or perfect appearance.  People feel their life is insufficient by watching the success of others. If you really want to build your self-esteem, the first thing you have to do is throw away this habit of comparing.

No more comparing yourself with others. Become your authentic self  and love your appearance and who you are. If you start comparisons with someone, you will eventually envy things you did not have, and you will not be aware of the strengths you have.

   Above all remember you are unique, you are not 
         supposed to be like anyone else
TIP #2  Choose positive thoughts.

We all have many thoughts in our minds. If you endlessly think about negative thoughts they will hurt your self-esteem and lead to negative consequences. Think of the things  you are proud of about yourself  Positive remarks increase self-esteem. To make positive remarks is to try to speak your inner thoughts directly.

Tip # 3 Accept Compliments

Third, all praise should be answered with the words “Thanks”. When you get praise, you often say, “Oh, it was no big deal.”  Not accepting praise is the same as telling yourself that you do not deserve praise. When you do not accept praise, you may not think “Oh, I don’t deserve praise.” But in fact, this behavior is interpreted as being unqualified in your unconsciousness and consequently your self-esteem.

As a result, you do not accept good things and accept bad things. So with any compliment answer with the words “Thank you”. It’s a simple way to make your self-esteem and your compliments safe. Be sure to remember. There is nothing to lose by saying thank you.

Tip # 4 Do Things That Give You Positive Energy

It is very important to find activities that will make you feel proud of yourself. Read an inspirational book or watch the movie and laugh. Another way to get positive energy is to challenge something. The challenge may be learning a new language, engaging in music, or just trying to develop oneself. It is also important to have relationships with people who will support you. The easiest way to reduce your self-esteem is with people who never listen to you. Being with such people is a situation where most people with low self-esteem are struck by it.

They hang out with people who want to be recognized. This situation reduces self-esteem. Get rid of this habit and hang out with people who can love you as you are. If you do not respect yourself, it will be hard to find others to respect you. So, start practicing respect for yourself.

Tip # 5 Be Aware of and Record Past Successes

One of the best ways to increase your self-esteem is to celebrate all of your past successes. Write down all the things that you have accomplished, even if it is something very minor. And appreciate them. When you see the things you have accomplished written on paper, your self-esteem will improve.

Tip# 6 Write Down Your Strengths

Find your own strengths every day. And praise yourself for those things. This is a habit. The habit of self-recognition. It ‘s great to see on  how great you are on paper!. If you know your strengths, you know what you can do to live and succeed. And  this method is also helpful in personal and social life. . We have a lot of opportunities to give to others in our daily lives. You can grab the door for someone, draw a drink from the vending machine to a person who does not have a coin, If you have a chance to help someone, big or small, help them.

Then you’ll be very proud of yourself.

Tip # 7 Find Your passion

Your passion may be a business, a service activity, or a study. Everyone has something to do and something to love. Look back at yourself and the things you have enjoyed doing and follow what you really want.

Tip # 8 Be True To Yourself

It is true to you that it is you who identify you. Act morally. Acting kindly. And try to do the right thing in any situation. . And remember. Fear and anxiety should not detract from your self esteem Take your time every day and practice what you just read about.