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Be Who You Really Are

Try and recall as to when was the last time you were just being yourself?

Be honest and ask yourself, were you really following your heart or were you trying to follow someone else’s track?

Have you ever see a dog trying hard to meow instead of bark?

Have you ever noticed a pig chirp and not squeal and oink?

Did you ever picture the flowers in your garden as a vegetables?

Probably NOT!

So if nature truly sticks to itself, then why do we try so hard to be what society thinks or expects we should be?

It is exhausting to try and be what we are not, we may be able to play the game for a while until sooner or later the strain begins to show.

You know what; the wealthiest place on this planet is a GRAVEYARD. Because in this graveyard, you’ll find inventions that were never ever created; ideas, and dreams that simply remain as those; hopes and aspirations that also remain dormant because no one took action. These people never discovered their true potential and worth and never revealed their hidden treasures to the world.

So it’s time for you to WAKE UP now!

TAKE ACTION on your ideas, dreams, hopes and aspirations!

Be whom you’re supposed to be! Not just another insignificant human being whom the society overlooks.

If you wait for that Perfect MOMENT…. That perfect time is never going to come.

Do you know what you have to do?

You have to create that perfect time, that perfect opportunity for yourself and yes that perfect situation to act upon. You need to get out of your comfort zone and get yourselves exposed to things you thought you would never do or see!

Don’t go for that job that you don’t like! That makes you sick and forces you probably to think often that you’re not perfect.

Learn to be yourself just once and you would never leave that road. Build on your strengths so much that even your weakness finds it more difficult to cut your way out. You were  born with extraordinary talents and gifts that God had reserved for you. Its time to uncover  the real version of yourself! Hunt that talent, make it bigger and excel. Show this world what you own, what you are capable of!

Try things that fear you; that would bring you out of your comfort zone! Maybe your talent is hiding over there.

You were born phenomenal and you’re just phenomenal!

What reason can you remember, that you can call on and reach on that can make you get back up! Get back to whom you were supposed to be and not what society thinks you’re supposed to be!

Lets just recap what been covered here:

Are you really where you want to be?

Do you have what your heart really desires to have?

If you’re not where you think you should be at this time, become aware of it and take action! Break those beliefs that are holding you back and fly out in the open sky!

Just commit to become what you think is the reason behind your birth! The world awaits that part of you!

And believe me, once you step into this, you are never going to return back and will experience the ultimate bliss everybody desires.

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