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Coping With Physical and Emotional Pain

Pain is massively debilitating, in particular, constant high levels of gnawing pain affects individuals lives in exhausting and emotionally destructive ways for both the individual and their loved ones.

It is however possible to live with pain and cope with pain in a way that might not be thought possible when you are going through the experience. This is not an overnight fix and does require a level of desire and commitment to change.

Pain manifests in two main ways; emotional and physical.

Once affected, there are different levels of how it manifests within the body and how it can be managed; everyone is different in how we feel and how we manage our lives, nonetheless every situation is real to each individual and that pain can be triggered by past and present circumstances or situations and is held in the body in a way that reflects how it is perceived and coped with.

Discovering that it really IS possible to have some control over your pain is a massive step in learning to turn down your pain threshold dial and can make a massive difference in your life when you apply a number of physical and emotional changes.


1 – What was your emotional state at the time that the situation or event occurred? Becoming aware of personal states of mind can help address triggers for situations as well as awareness that mind-set changes can affect the world around us.

2 – What triggered your pain and what is the underlying root cause of your present emotional/physical pain? Awareness of the trigger can assist with which approaches and methods are best used for the process of change.

3 – Are there any repeat patterns in your life where the emotional pain issue keeps showing up? Assessing if possible underlying and hidden triggers may have assisted in bringing the event into your life.

4 – Be honest with yourself. Admitting the truth of your situation, the affects it is having over your life and honesty in how you are managing it.

5 – How committed are you to dealing with your pain and making a positive change? Desire for change is essential in making dynamic changes. Low motivation can be increased but the desire has to come from within. The greater the desire ~ the greater the shift!

6 – Root cause emotional trauma/issues can be removed from the timeline with various processes that both recognize the root cause and reframe the mind-set such as guided meditation, hypnotherapy, psychology sessions, etc. This can and does in turn have a positive effect on physical pain.

7 – Refocusing perception on physical pain using various management methods ie turning down the dial. This requires absolute commitment to change.

8 – Focusing on overall body posture.

9 – Reinforcement and regular emotional support programs that looking at self-esteem and managing positive change on an ongoing basis. This includes finding the positive gifts and individual potential and directing the focus towards positivity and keeping the mind positively busy.

10 – Dietary changes and nutritional supplementation massively help with drug addiction, medication addiction, physical and mental wellness, health and healing functions.

11 – Setting intentions, goals and reward, aid and support the shift and advance the progress.

12 – Depending on your cultural upbringing and beliefs, considering higher forces and how the universal flow might be impacting your situation and desire for positive change and how you can use the forces of your belief to encourage your progress.

You are a unique and exceptional individual; no one else walks your path, lives your life or impacts others in the way only you can.

Your life is precious and only you have the power within you to make massive change that will have a marked effect on all of the people you love and who love you.

All things are possible when you see the open door and set the intention to walk through, closing the door firmly behind you.

All you have to do now is decide when to begin your journey!

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