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Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching with Ally

Private 1-on-1 coaching delivered

via Zoom or Skype 

Duration: Unlimited 15 minute sessions for 12 months

Purpose: To support, empower and assist you in transforming your life into a life you love!! I have been coaching women just like you since 2012 and  I will share everything I possibly can without holding anything back to help you become the woman you are supposed to be and desire to be.Let me help you get to the next level.

Usage: Each coaching session is designed to focus on a single issue, challenge or concept that you want to implement in your life. We will discuss your goals, strategies and tactics, how to deal with potential roadblocks and concrete next steps for you to take. After each session you will perform the work and then book your next call to review the results and determine next steps.

Goal: To transform your life into the life you have always dreamed about and wanted. It is there waiting for you to claim it and it will be such a privilege to walk beside you and watch your true authentic radiance emerge as you transform into the beautiful soul you are destined to be. I will provide resources, strategies, concepts and support to accelerate your journey.

Format: Zoom or Skype  sessions. All calls are recorded with an mp3 recording of the call included with your mentoring fees.

How to order: Simply purchase a 12-month unlimited access mentoring package by clicking Add To Cart. Once you have completed your order, you will receive a download link to a mentoring questionnaire.  Complete this questionnaire and email it to me at admin@yourhappinesscoaching.com to lay the foundation for our work together!

Contact: Skype: skypeme2468

Email: admin@yourhappinesscoaching.com