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Navigating The Pandemic From A Different Perspective

We cannot ignore or deny the fact that the whole world is going through a major shakeup at present like never before….. and it’s a totally new experience for most of us.

Many understandably feel overwhelmed, scared, confused and of course, uncertain. And that’s perfectly normal and to be expected , as we navigate these unchartered waters of change where there is so much out of our control. After all, our lives have been completely disrupted and things continue to change on a daily basis.

Is it simple …or easy… given the circumstances?

Obviously not!

But being in a state of stress, anxiety and fear is not going to help you or anyone. The way we respond to this situation is relevant..and important.

There is a lot deal with, so much to take in. It is to be expected that we may feel vulnerable, uncertain and fearful. In the midst of the storm what are we supposed to do? How do we deal with this situation?

We deal with it from a different perspective.

Is it simple given the conditions?

Obviously not!

Be that as it may, feeling constantly stressed out and dreading the future won’t help you or anyone. So is there a better way?

We are all part of a giant community –our awesome Planet. And we all have a choice on how we react to this unprecedented situation.

If a significant number of us choose to stop spreading anxiety and gloom, and quit drowning in the negativity from what’s happening , then we will all move through this crisis in a faster and more gentle way.

Each one of us can choose, and do our best to help the individuals who have the ability to address this situation, as well as setting the intention towards wellbeing, resolution and prosperity. Then we will all    experience this pandemic in a swifter and gentler manner and come out the opposite side more enabled and empowered than any time in recent memory.

See what’s happening from a different place.

There is a saying: Before big changes, there is turmoil.

At the present time, our Planet is experiencing a gigantic shake-up. This shake-up has come as a worldwide virus infection and is forcing a major STOP on a worldwide scale. It’s not only a couple of nations or countries that are being influenced but right throughout the globe.

We are being compelled to press the PAUSE button and do a RESET.

On one hand, it feels that what’s going on is catastrophic– major disruption, loss, vulnerability, economic uncertainty, stress and anxiety, interruption, increased pressure and tension, and so forth. And it definitely is for people right across the globe.

Yet, if you take a moment to consider what’s happening, it really is nothing new. We live with uncertainty, loss, disruption, stress and so on…. on a daily level, just to a lesser degree.

So, if you look at this situation again at the  two polarities that are always present–many of the effects and impacts of this Pandenmic are surprisingly positive, possibly beneficial ….even blessings in disguise.

Some of those positive impacts are…

  • Creative solutions and new ways of doing things are being birthed because of this circumstance, which will improve our wellbeing and other aspects of our lives as we move forward
  • We are being given the incredible opportunity to take time to re-evaluate our lives, to reprioritise, to stop the busyness in our lives, and to re-examine our needs, our wants , and our outlook on life.
  • This is an opportunity that allows us the time for inward focus, to question our life purpose and inner happiness, and to begin to make changes in the areas of life that are no longer serving us.
  • Globally, we are collaborating and working together to address and eliminate this crisis- this has not happened for a very long time
  • Global awareness is rising as the planet undergoes a massive cleansing and purifying process which will benefit us all
  • Creativity is flowing like never before, and there is a growing wave of compassion, friendliness, understanding and empathy as people pause and reflect, both corporately and individually

Stay positive and be proactive

There is a very fine line between trying to stay informed and over feeding on the drama. It is all to easy to get overwhelmed with the chaos, caught up in all the drama in the news and to start feeling fearful and anxious.

There are steps you can take to remain positive and engaged as you navigate your way through this worldwide crisis, and even come out the of it as a better version of yourself.

We will go through…and get though this crisis.

We have experienced global crisis before and got though them…and so too we will with this one .

Everything in life will pass, this is no exception.

How we choose to react and respond and to what is happening will determine our experience and how well we come though it.

Choose to be a beacon of light and love.
Choose to help allay the fear of uncertainty and transform it into positive solutions.
Choose an attitude of gratitude in your current situation no matter how difficult things are for you right now.
Choose to be tolerant, understanding, patient, and resourceful.
Choose…and use this opportunity to bring positive change into your life and find your alignment in this experience.

If you are struggling and need support, or would like a mentor to assist 
you right now, please message up below and we will be in touch. 
Hang in there...we will survive this ...and thrive!



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