Practice Daily Gratitude

Do you practice daily gratitude?

Let’s face it, gratitude isn’t necessarily a common habit for most of us. The fact is however, that without gratitude, life will likely be more challenging for us than it needs to be.

       Feeling grateful is a gift you can give yourself daily, 
              as gratitude resets your perspective.

If there are times you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or even just a little pessimistic, a little gratitude in your attitude can get you back on the right track.

The great news is: Gratitude is effective, enjoyable, and FREE!


Here are some ways you can practice some daily gratitude:

Writing it down.

Establish a daily habit of writing down just a few things that you can be grateful for. Ideally, you’ll do this early in the morning and in the evening. In the morning it will get your day off to a positive and optimistic start. In the evening, it will set you up for a good nights sleep. Grab a gratitude workbook and start writing!

Keep a gratitude journal

Being grateful for the little things in life.

You can be grateful each day for simply the little things you have – this way, you will always find plenty of small things to be grateful about.  The sound of birds chirping in the morning, your iPhone, or the fact that you have a new set of tires on your car are all things that can uplift your mood.

Take a gratitude walk.

This is a great way to get out of your head. Go for a walk and be aware of things you see, hear or smell that you can be grateful for. A beautiful flower, children playing in the yard, a cute little puppy, or the sun shining down on you making you feel warm and content are all things you could choose to feel very grateful  about. This one s super easy to include in your daily gratitude practice.

Avoid comparisons.

You demean something when you compare it to something similar. Instead feel grateful for the uniqueness of what you have.

Be grateful for things just as they are.

This applies to people as well as things.Express your gratitude to those around you. Let people know that you are really grateful for them by thanking them. It might be your neighbour who keeps his yard looking so nice next to yours, or the supermarket chick at the checkout for her happy cheerful smile. Let them know about it by being thankful.

Enjoy and appreicate your pets.

Our pets give us plenty of reasons to experience gratitude.  You’ll both feel great when you lavish your pet with some extra attention – try it!

Be grateful for your pets

Donate your money, time or talent.

Donate your resources to a charity or an organisation that you think is valuable to the world.  Our resources – whether it be our time, money, the clothes hanging in our wardrobe we haven’t worn for years, the clutter on our houses, or our talents can all have great impact.

Make a gratitude list for yourself too.

What are you impressed by when you take a long, hard look at yourself? You’ll not only be expressing gratitude, but you’ll also be doing wonders for your self-esteem.

Write a positive review to show your appreciation for a business you value and  appreciate.

Any business owner loves getting positive reviews. It can boost their business and it makes them feel good.  Be supportive by expressing your gratitude for them being there for you.

Meditate on the things that you are grateful for.

Put your attention and focus on those things you feel the most gratitude for in your life. What you resist persists, and what you accept transforms. We get more of what we focus on, so make sure you’re focusing on the things you want to see more of.


Avoid complaining and judging others.

Complaining and judging are the direct opposite of gratitude. Ever noticed how negative you feel after being with someone who has been critical. It is not enjoyable being around people who are constantly complaining and judging others.  Keep your negative opinions and thoughts to yourself and try not to listen to others who are judgemental and critical. Avoid judging others and you’ll find that you’re  happier and less stressed.

Be grateful at meal times.

This a great way to develop a habit of expressing gratitude since we all eat at least one meal a day. Be thankful for your food as well as the people you get to share it with.

Develop the habit of being grateful for everything you have.

Even if you feel you currently don’t have much and are struggling to survive, chances are you are still living better than the vast majority of people in the world. Remember the saying ” there is always someone worse off than you”. If you are reading this on a digital device and have access to the internet, then it’s likely you are living like a princess compared to someone, somewhere.

You can still be grateful for what you do have, although it doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with your current situation. Practicing gratitude is a very effective doorway to abundance.

I remember reading about a man who at one time was destitute, homeless and living in his old broken down car. One day he made a decision that his life was going to change…so he looked around inside his car to see if there was anything he could be grateful for. And guess what he found a pencil! He was grateful for that because now he had a means of writing down other things he could express gratitude for … his car to live in, the few clothes he had etc.

Today this man is an inspiration to millions of people worldwide ..and a multi multi millionaire…..and  he still values that pencil as it was the turning point in his life, the day his attitude changed to one of gratitude instead of grumbling. His life transformed when he began to focus on what he did have, rather than the things he did not have.

Practice gratitude. Your perspective will change and your attitude and mood will be lifted. Opportunities for success will increase as you receive even more good things to be grateful for!    

Practicing daily gratitude and are important keys to a happier and more successful life.

Leave a comment below to share how your circumstances changed when you began to focus on gratitude instead of grumbling. We would love to hear it!

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