Reinvent Your Life in 2020

New Year… NEW You!

Reinvent Your Life And Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

HEAVILY DISCOUNTED REGISTRATION For This New 2020 Program Ends on December 12th

Do You Wish You Could Hit The Refresh Button 

On Your Life?

Would you like to reduce the overwhelm and stress and feel more empowered?

Do you long to reconnect with your true self and learn to love your life?

Tired of the toxic thoughts and beliefs that are causing self-sabotage?

Are you feeling stuck in the past and just can’t seem to move forward?

Now’s the perfect time to rediscover your unique self and transform your life!

This 6 week action-orientated coaching program will give you the tools to refocus on your life, 

accept your uniqueness, boost your resilience and experience more joy!

Reinventing yourself and continuing to dream — is something  most of us dream of if we are totally honest with ourselves. Perhaps you are stuck — maybe your relationship has ended, or suddenly you’re empty-nesting, or caught in a miserable job.  Maybe it’s time to pursue your passions and find a fresh start in life!

It’s time to become unstuck!! Call it a makeover and a mental retreat all in one!

 You Will Learn To . . .

Discover The Real You 

Our fun and revealing Self Discovery exercise will reveal many “aha” moments for you

Clear The Mental Clutter

Learn how to  make better decisions by clearing the constant mental chatter in your head

Discover Your Strengths

Learn how to deal with fears and self-doubts that discourage you so that you can move forward 

Rid Yourself of Those Toxic Habits

Learn how to finally free yourself from those habits that discourage you and keep you stuck

Overcome The Overwhelm  

Ditch the stress and learn to feel more calm, confident and content with your life

Extend Yourself to Achieve New Goals in 2020  

Learn how to set SMART goals and finally achieve your dreams in 2020

Fall in Love With Coping With Change

How do you cope when life brings unwanted changes -sometimes unexpectedly?  

You loose your relationship, your career, your family or maybe a loved one

You may even lose yourself in the process.

What do you do? Make your lowest point be your turning point!

Start over….. Enjoy getting to know yourself again.

 Learn to love the person you’ve become, or even better, strive to become even better! 

Re-invent yourself. Embrace change! 

Use everything you have been through as a tool to restart your life!

This Program is for YOU if…

You Compare Yourself With Others

There is one thing that you’re better at than other people:

that’s being you.!

You Struggle Setting Boundaries

Give yourself permission to live true to your values, not everyone else’s demands and agendas.

Your 2020 Intention is to Exercise and Get In Shape

Exercising and toning up makes us feel so good, give yourself the kickstart you need to get motivated

You Feel Like You’re On a Hamster Wheel

If what you’re doing repeatedly is getting you nowhere, maybe it’s time to try something different?

You Have Lost Your Spark and Zeal  

Feel like you’ve lost your mojo? Maybe it’s time for change

Your Goal is to Stick a Diet  and Loose Weight 

Prioritize what matters most – your  happiness is a reflection of your health.

Get instant access and start your new life now!

 Change always begins with a decision – just say yes!

The simplest way to look at making a change is by understanding you are simply transferring the power from your issue back to yourself. The new year is the perfect time for reflection and new beginnings. 

Reinvent Your Life in 2020…

For Those Who Want To Reinvent Their Life But Are Afraid To Get Started!

What our clients are saying :

I can now see things from a different perspective…

 I was new to life coaching when I found Ally online when looking for help with a major life transition. Although skepital, I decided to give it a go and it was the best decision I could have made! Ally helped me see things I was struggling with from a different perspective – she didn’t rush me and gave me the time I needed to work through my stuff.  

HEATHER MOFFATT  // Customer Servicer Representative

I was in a funk…

 I could not go to anyone I knew because I wanted privacy. Ally reassured me and was always professional, non judgemental and most of all patient with me. My family and friends noticed the difference in me and started asking if I was on drugs or something. Thanks Ally, I am keeping your contact details for sure for the next time I’m in a funk.

LEANNE ELLIOTT  //  Child Care Provider

Course Overview and Bonuses

See below for an outline of the 6 weekly coaching sessions. Sessions will be on Zoom or Skype and approximately 60 minutes duration.

Plus the following bonuses:

# An mp3 recording of our coaching call so you can listen to it as many time as you want to

# Unlimited email support between sessions

# Exercises to complete throughout the week so you can be proactive about implementing changes in your habits and routines

  1. 1Discover and reconnect with your true self. Time for a mini self-concept makeover as you discover the habits that are no longer serving you well. Learn 3 daily habits that will keep you getting to know yourself better and discover what lights you up.
  2. 2Eliminate those toxic beliefs that cause self-sabotage. Master these 5 science backed strategies to build resilience.  We’ll uncover the 2 words to eliminate from you vocabulary for self empowerment ( and they are probably not what you think.)
  3. 3Overcome the overwhelm and stress. Feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel? We’ll clear that mental clutter to empower you into better decision making and define some healthy boundaries to establish your identity.
  1. 4Build self-confidence and change your mindset for success We’ll uncover 5 secrets essential to building a confident mindset. You will learn a powerful exercise to affirm your self worth and overcome the procrastination that keeps you stuck.
  2. 5Discover your strengths and eliminate your fears. Uncover your strengths that mask your fears with an empowering reframe exercise that will challenge your idea of weaknesses and confront limiting beliefs!
  3. 6Rewrite your life story! Achieve self-liberation by rewriting yourlifestory. The hard work has been done, now its time for you to shine and embrace the new and purposeful life you adore!

Ally Bohlsen  //  Course Designer and Coach

Ally is a transformational life coach passionate about helping women who want to change their lives.

She has overcome major life challenges that have  inspired her to walk alongside and empower others with understanding, friendliness and acceptance. 

 Ally has Master Life Coach Certification to help  transform you into the woman you are meant to be and finally start living the  joyful happy life you deserve.

Ally Bohlsen

Ready To Reinvent Yourself and Dive Into 2020 ?

   Individual coaching sessions with me are $200/hour. 

This 6 week Reinvent Your Life intensive Program results in 6 hours of coaching plus

all the additional bonuses in this package,

equalling a minimum of $1200.

The regular price of this program will increase to $495 in the first quarter of 2020 to reflect my private coaching rates.

For the initial “New Year New You” launch, we have decided to offer this at a discounted price

to encourage those who are genuine about wanting to transform their lives.

We are reducing the price down from $1200 … $495!

The price for this program will rise to $495after launch date on December 24th.

The regular price of this program after the new year will increase from $495 

to $995

 to reflect private coaching rates.

However to help you launch into 2020 as your very best self,  we are creating a fast action takers group.  

If you take action and join before December 24th you will NOT pay $495

Instead you will get in for close to HALF that price at just $295

(Based on availability  –  no extensions after December 12th).

This is only for people who take action and sign up before the official launch on December 24th

when the program will be $495 through until the new year. 

Total Investment  For Program After New Year  $995After Launch Date  10th December Price $495Before December 10th Action Takers Discounted Price $295

Take advantage of this special pre-launch price now and beat the price rise.

Join Other Happy Clients

My friends told me to just get over it!

I started working with Ally when I was wallowing in self pity over a relationship that had ended and my friends kept telling me to just get over it. As soon as we started working together my focus started to shift with Ally’s calm gentle manner and questioning. What I loved most was her ability to reflect back my jumbled thoughts in such as way as to raise my awareness. Ally is also extremely perceptive – like she has a sixth sense which really hones in on what needs attention. 

Louise martin  //  Legal Secretary

I often ask myself why I didn’t hire a coach long ago as the incredible and fast progress I have made in my business still leaves me in awe. Having someone to hold me accountable has taken my business to another level. I now work on my business ever day and have become more organised and productive. I have stopped procrastinating and have a daily routine I adhere to. Simply life changing!

emma bishop //  Solopreneur

The Best Time to Start Changing Your Life  is Now!

True self-reinvention happens from the inside out as you realign your life with your values, dreams, and priorities. Who you want to be is not out of reach. You could begin today. You can commit to change, start where you are, make a plan to move forward, and take action to reinvent yourself. If you’re ready to reinvent, don’t wait. any longer….

Reinvent Your Life in 2020……

For Those Who Want To Reinvent Their Life But Are Afraid To get Started!


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t experience some life changing results by the end of the first session, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

  # Register and take the first session to make sure it’s a perfect fit. See the value for yourself.

Just let me know if you’re not happy at the end of our week one coaching session and we’ll send you a prompt refund and part as friends!.

 So if you’re ready to put the work in and make some magic happen, go ahead and apply. I’ll make sure we get on our first week’s call, make sure it’s a perfect fi for you, and show you how reinventing your life and living the life of your dreams is more than possible!

Ally Bohlsen

Frequently Asked Questions

How may hours a week will this involve?

As many as you are willing to invest into transforming your life.  1-2 hours /week should be sufficient as it is more about incorporating small daily changes rather than hours of reading or writing

Are there any pre-requirements?

No, but we would like you to show up to the sessions with enthusiasm and excitement about making changes in your life.

Is there an early bird price?

Yes. The cost of this program will rise in 2020, but for early action takers now, you are getting it at a significantly reduced cost here.

Can I really get unlimited email support between weekly sessions?

Absolutely! We are willing to  help those who are wanting to help themselves.

Is this 1:1 or group coaching?

As this is a brand new programme, it will be offered as 1:1 coaching initially. Later on we may add the option of a group program.

Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

Yes we do. Just tell your coach at the end of your first session if this is not for you and we will refund your investment. After the first session you are all in or you get your refund!

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