Self-Care Tips Going Forward To Ensure You Take Care Of Yourself

Good self-care is not a one off action, but a process of implementing consistent habit. It requires practice and dedication if you want to make it stick. Don’t get discouraged if it takes time to make this new concept a part of your life.

It’ll get easier, and you’ll probably find yourself craving your self-care activities so much you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. However, inevitably there will be times when self-care may go by the wayside because you are busier or more stressed than usual.  When this  happens, it will be helpful if you continue to follow these tips in order maintain good self care  going forward. 

Follow Your Gut

Sometimes we get so busy that we find ourselves living on auto-pilot. That’s only natural during hectic times, but it’s critical that you make an attempt to listen to your instincts during these times to know whether you’re in need of a boost.

When you start feeling more tired that usual or particularly stressed and frazzled, take notice of what your body is trying to tell you. It’s not a cue to work harder, rather you mind and body are telling you that is time to take a break.

Listen to them

Along these lines, look for other unusual signs that things are off balance with you such as irritability, eating poorly, losing sleep or indulging in bad habits. These things are telling you to take care of yourself. 

Schedule It In

Try scheduling your self care into your diary or write it on your calendar. Be specific, write down the start time and an end time. Many people find this little trip helpful, and also a prompt reminder that it’s time for some self care. Your self care commitments can be treated like any other appointment or event.

Try to be specific about the activity you’ll engage in. Doing these things will increase the odds that you’ll actually follow through. It’s easy to put yourself on the backburner when life gets crazy, but don’t forget that these are the times you need self-care the most. 

Create a Plan

Developing a self-care plan is crucial to maintaining your well-being. I shared some ideas in a previous blog post about how to do this.

Let’s review a bit, as it’s so important to have a self-care toolkit at your disposal during life’s busiest and most stressful periods. Keep your emergency self-care list and your care package together so they’re easily accessed when you need them. You also make sure there’s a list of trusted contacts to call when you might need some self-care encouragement and accountability. These folk  can provide the support and motivation you need to take good care of yourself. 

Before we finish there is one other thing….

Take time to assess your self-care needs regularly. To help keep you on track, take time to assess your self-care needs regularly.

Check in with yourself every 1 -2 weeks to assess if you’re giving yourself enough time and attention. Your instincts will guide you, so don’t ignore them. Pay attention to these instincts and make adjustments as necessary.

Self-care requires your constant attention is an ongoing and evolving process.

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