Shelley – Australia

I was lacking a bit of structure in my life when Ally was my coach. I was also in a bit of a funk physically and professionally. Ally’s sessions were so uplifting. Ally was compassionate, non-judgemental and was a real cheerleader, helping me to trust that things would turn around and they did! I got a new job and even now more job offers are rolling in. Thank you Ally for believing in me.

Emma – Canada

From the very first interaction with Ally, I felt straight away that she was someone I could trust and confide in. I have always had issues with trust and what I sensed was rejection but there was just a calmness and gentleness with Ally that drew me in and allowed me to trust her with my issues. The gift she gave me during and after our time together was the freedom to take off the mask I have worn for so long and be brave enough to be me. For the first time in my life I am feeling more empowered and not near so self critical. I will continue to work on myself with the wonderful tools and strategies Ally provided. I cannot thank you enough Ally – you are an amazing lady!

Mary – New Zealand

The biggest thing I got out of my coaching sessions with Ally is that it is never to late to change. At my age I was fearful and too embarrassed to tell anyone about all the rubbish that was inside of me – but I got sick of pretending that everything was alright and I was happy – because I certainly wasn’t.

But I’m glad I did because Ally was fantastic- she never judged me and always really listened to me before she pulled me back on track again. I think I m already happier than I have been for a long long time – and I know what I have to do if I start feeling overwhelmed again. I would recommend Ally to anyone if you are wanting to make changes in your life.

Leilana – Hawaii

Before I took some coaching sessions with Ally, I was the worlds greatest perfectionist! So much so that I never completed anything I started because to me it was never good enough. But Ally helped me to see through a different lense – and also to understand where my perfectism had originated – which was really freeing! Now I can take action without fearing it is not good enough, or that I am not good enough. My self worth is much greater and I keep in mind the little slogan that Ally gave me – “Perfectionism is just an excuse for self – criticism” . When I repeat this to myself it helps free me up to keep going.

Sharon – Australia

The coaching sessions I had with Ally really made a difference in my life. She was easy to talk to and very supportive which made our coaching sessions extremely valuable. My self-confidence has risen so much and I finally have more belief in my self and my ability. Ally

Ally helped me brainstorm ideas and actions for me to work on every week that would help me move forward every day.

Some of my friends and family have noticed the difference in my self-confidence and say that I’m a much happier and calmer person than I used to be.

My new journey in life has only just begun and to have someone like Ally keep me focused on what I need to do and what actions I need to take has been very powerful.

Wow, thanks Ally, I feel great about myself and know that I can do what I set my mind to when I take action.

Grace – Ohio

My coaching with Ally has been one of the most powerful experiences in my life. I never took the time to sit down and be present with myself and aware of my feelings in the moment. I was always much to busy for that. But with Ally, she taught me how to do this- how to breathe and be present – and on top of that she was there to just listen to me and help reflect back to me everything I was thinking and feeling – and that was powerful! I had sever huge aha moments that gave me such valuable insights. Ally was able to give me the tools I need at a time when there was some major stuff happening in my life – she help guide me with my decision making which gave me the confidence I needed to do things I would never have been Abe to do on my own. I love my life so much more now – I wished I had found coaching years ago.