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New year Resolutions

What Are Your Most Important 2019 Resolutions?

What will be your most important 2019 new year resolutions? Or do you even bother to make new year resolutions?

Resolutions are so popular because they are a reminder that we should recommit ourselves regularly to personal improvement.

However, instead of making a list of ten things you want to change about yourself this year, why not commit to real change that has the possibility to last beyond the first few months of the year?

By focusing on the process of change, rather than solely the outcome, your resolutions could really make a difference this year in your overall happiness and satisfaction.

Instead of the usual stand-by resolutions we all fall back on each year, why not focus on what really matters, which is the mindset that is holding you back from making real, lasting change in your life? Instead of focusing on the habits this year, try a resolution related to the process of increasing your wellness and overall well-being.

With a recent downward trend in overall wellness among women in the US, perhaps it is time to return to basics this year with your resolutions? Instead of opting for the same goals you make every year, make this new year the year of living happier.

Here are the most important resolutions you can make this year to help you achieve just that.

Focus on Your Mental Health

When you change your focus to working on your mental health, you can improve not only your mind and soul but also your body.

Your mental health is what drives your ability to achieve physical health, so focusing on it versus other aspects of fitness or diet could lead to more significant improvements in all areas of your life.

Your mental health includes how you deal with and process emotions, how you handle stress, how resilient you are to changes or obstacles, and your overall outlook and mindset.

Focus on this critical aspect of wellness, and you will enjoy significant returns in all areas of your life.

Become Better Connected

Make a commitment this year to spending more time with friends and family. Being in the company of trusted others can improve your mental health and can lower your stress, too.

Schedule regular time each week to spend with loved ones, stay in contact with those who live far away, and renew efforts to remain connected to those who have been neglected recently.

Real-life connection is preferred to online messages, so pick up the phone or make a date to see your friends soon.

Be More Mindful

When you are mindful, you are living in the moment. You are aware of what you are feeling, how the environment and others are affecting you, and you can embrace the experiences and opportunities as you live them.

Mindfulness teaches you to let go of anxiety about the unknown future as well as anger or sadness about the past, both of which can significantly impact your mental and emotional well-being.

Get Outside More

A commitment to spending more time outside can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health in many ways. Spending time in nature reduces stress, helps you sleep better, enhances your immune system, and can be a wonderful place to get more exercise.

Enjoy your local community parks, green spaces, and walking paths as much as you can this new year to improve your wellness in many areas.

Commit to Self-Care

If you make no other resolution this year, promise yourself that you will prioritize your self-care in 2019. Taking time for yourself is crucial, and this simple promise can enhance your well-being.

Self-care can include everything from meditation to your beauty regimen. It’s up to you to determine what you need to feel your best.

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