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5 Ways To Better Handle Constructive Criticism

5 Ways To Better Handle Constructive Criticism

Do you often feel offended when someone tries to give you advice on how to better do something or how to handle a certain situation? Or when someone notices that you need some improvements when it comes to your performance in the work place and point it out?

According to Gregg Walker, Dept. of Speech Communication, Oregon State University, criticism can be “painful or difficult to “give” or “receive.”
There is a way to go about handing out constructive criticism because it can indeed be done wrong. This will then cause the person receiving it to retaliate in some way.


If you do find yourself not being able to stomach a few good words of advice… that’s no problem! We are going to show you “5 ways to better handle constructive criticism”.

# 1 Accept That You Cannot Receive Constructive Criticism

If you do not accept something, you will never feel the need to change it. Accepting is very important if you are going to take the necessary steps to better consume criticism. There is nothing wrong with being acceptant and understand that it is the first and most important step.

#2 Write Down What You Are Receiving Criticism For

Why are you receiving criticism? How will writing it down help you?
• Writing will allow you to see how making changes can help you on a deeper level
• You can go back and see what changes need to be done if you find yourself reverting back to your old habits
• Writing things down can help you to progress in the long term as a result of fixing the problem when it occurs

#3 Listen and Think

Before you jump to conclusions when you are receiving constructive criticism, just LISTEN! By listening, you are forming a good habit, and this will make you easier to work with while improving your communication skills as well (Crucial). By “thinking,” you can get a better understanding of your actions, which will make the correction process a lot easier and it will make more sense to you.

#4 Get Opinions From Others

If you’re in the situation to where many people are offering you their constructive criticism, it may be time to let go of your ego and start taking heed of the advice of others. We often times cannot see what we may be doing wrong because we may have been doing it that way.
The thing is… you can do something wrong over and over again and think it right! Not the case in many situations. So be open to the suggestions of others and know that they are only trying to help you become more productive.

#5 Just Try It!

You’d be surprised at how effective it can be to actually put the constructive criticism you’ve gotten to work. Often, we get defensive if we don’t agree with something but the best thing to do is to realize that making adjustments can improve the quality of our efforts.
Trying never hurt anyone (If safely done) and you may just discover a better way of doing something.

       Learn To Handle Constructive Criticism

It is in your (And everyone else’s) best interest to be receptive to constructive criticism. This is how many of us learn and become the best versions of ourselves.

A great way to think about this is when someone offers you a piece of advice, think about you learning something new that will carry with you and help you to do things better regardless of where life takes you.
So, rest assured, constructive criticism is very necessary for your personal growth.

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