5 Ways To Feel Like a Princess

    1. A Princess puts effort into feeling good and ensuring she has lots of energy. She does this by acquiring sufficient sleep. She exercises to get keep her endorphin or ‘feel good’ levels up. Women who have ample energy levels exude a kind of health that is a significant turn on to men. Feeding energy levels also means setting boundaries with friends who have a negative attitude and limiting exposure to the media and such things as magazines that foster unrealistic expectations for body and life images. Princess women instead focus their attention on reading inspirational stories or time alone or exercising.


    1. Princesses smile a lot. They make eye contact with and smile at everyone. They laugh a lot. Princesses love jokes, new opportunities and excitement. Invariably men are overwhelmed by the mere thought of approaching a woman. They get confused by women’s signals too. A woman with a friendly smile, who makes direct eye contact and who is open to interaction increases the chances that she will get approached.


    1. A princess puts her own needs first. Sure princesses want to give freely to the men in their lives. However, they put their own needs first and know how to keep their emotions in check when navigating their way into a relationship. Princesses value and see themselves as women of high worth. This means that if a man does not meet the grade by failing to respect them or tick their boxes, they have no qualms about diverting their attention elsewhere. Why? Because a princess doesn’t fear losing relationships. She seeks fulfilment in her relationships and lets them go if they are not working out for her.


    1. She dresses and grooms herself in a way that exudes her true beauty. Be radiant. Don’t go out, not even to the corner store in your casual clothes. The way you think of yourself is reflected in your attire and presentation. Dress nicely and look after your skin. Budget well to ensure you have enough clothes to mix and match and make you feel great about yourself.


  1. A princess is a go getter. She is driven by success and not surprised when she achieves it. She expects success and always has goals in sight. Rather than waiting for great things to happen, she instead embraces the feeling she will feel when she achieves her goals first. So maintain an open mindset, feel grateful and have positive expectations.

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