A Powerful Formula For Overcoming Fear & Worry

Most people say they haven’t achieved their most important goals in life for a myriad of reasons. They were born poor, aren’t smart enough, don’t have enough time, etc… These built-in excuses are just negative beliefs holding them back. 

The truth is, most people don’t reach their goals because of worry or fear. 

How frequently have you considered trying something new, only to give up before you made it very far because you were concerned about what others would think? 

Or maybe you didn’t get the results you expected right away and were afraid that you didn’t have what it took to be successful, so you gave up on your dream. 

If this has happened to you, know you’re not alone. 

Someone once created an acronym for F.E.A.R. as False Evidence Appearing Real, meaning we’ve chosen to believe in something untrue. 

However, our beliefs become our reality. 

Worry equals sustained fear caused by indecision. Sometimes we must ask difficult questions so that we can determine the underlying causes of these fears.


1- Define your fears

First, you must define what worries or frightens you. Write it down with a pen and paper. Much of the time, this action is sufficient for eliminating fears. About 50% of the time, the problem gets eliminated once identified. What once seems so big in your mind becomes insignificant once you’ve written it down.

For the other 50%, you need to move on to step two.  

2- Identify the worst possible scenario

Next, ask yourself the worst thing that can happen if this fear manifests? Make a list of the worst possible outcomes of the fear you identified in step one. Write as many ideas down as you can. Then, go back and choose the most extreme options. 

Do you realize that most of our worries never come to pass?  How much time do you think you waste worrying about such things?  This list will help you see that.

3- Accept the worst possible scenario

Once you have a clear idea of the worst possible situation, commit to accepting it. Since it’s so unlikely that it won’t occur, and even if it does happen, it likely won’t kill you – admit to yourself that no matter what, you will survive.   

Try repeating a mantra such as…“I can handle it,” over and over throughout the day. Your mindset will shift once you commit to moving forward, and things will begin to turn around. 

4- Make sure the worst never happens

Finally, do your part to make sure the worst never happens. Create an action plan outlining what you must do to move things in your favor. Once you focus on positive changes that you have control over and begin implementing your plan, you’ll start to shift away from your fears. 

You’ll start to feel empowered. You’ll look forward to what you can do, and move away from what drains you of your power. 

Inspired, focused action is the cure for fear and worry. 

Try this as soon as you feel pesky fear creeping in, and see if it works for you.  

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