Do You Have Self-Limiting Beliefs That Are Preventing Your Success?

Becky is a virtual assistant who has been working at home for two years. Although she has a steady stream of clients, Becky is getting restless. Although she really enjoys the work and loves her clients, Becky is also keen   to launch her own product line. This will create a source of repeat income and allow her to spend more time with her family. She’s done her research and she knows what type of product her community would love. 

But Becky starts listening to her critical inner voice. She struggles with thoughts like, “I don’t know where to start. Who would listen to me anyway? I don’t have enough experience to be teaching this yet. I need to get some more coaching first/ join additional groups/ take even more courses.

Before she knows it, Becky’s scrapped her entire project. She tells herself that she’s going to master just one more thing before getting started on her product. 

A Life You Love Is Waiting For You

You can probably relate to Becky’s struggle. You’re ready to launch your new product or start that podcast but then you hear the same critical inner voice that Becky does. 

Imagine how you would feel with enough confidence to step into and reach your full potential. Imagine owning your experience and building a business and life that you love. Imagine feeling confident and empowered enough to face every obstacle head-on.

Become Who You Were Meant to Be

You have the potential to accomplish all of your business goals. But you let self-limiting beliefs hold you back, so you keep playing small. You work with clients that don’t pay you what you’re worth. You procrastinate and find excuses not to publish that book because you think you have not gained enough experience yet. You avoid opportunities to partner with a business coach because you inner critical voice is constantly reminding you that you are not good enough.

You keep replaying these lies like a beloved song so that they continue to be reinforced every time you listen to them. And the reason you stay stuck and continue to do this is because being stuck feels much safer and less risky that going after what you really want.

Self-sabotage is the playground bully that keeps pushing you around and it’s time that you get angry. It’s time that you stop listening to his taunts and insults. It’s time that you take back your power and become the solopreneur you were meant to be.

You can build a business that you adore, one that nurtures your soul and pays your bills. In order to do those however, you must first tackle the self-limiting beliefs that are continue to hold you back. Don’t be afraid—your best life is waiting for you on the other side.


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