Eliminating Negative Self Talk – Day 3

Eliminating Negative Self-Talk

Welcome to Day 3 of the Self-Esteem Challenge!

Did you do the 10 minute affirmation exercise yesterday? I hope you found them helpful.

Today we’re going to talk about eliminating the toxic negative self-talk we all tend to have. This is really important.


When we have unhealthy and negative self-talk, we quickly sabotage our self-esteem.

Do you have anything resembling this  soundtrack of negativity playing in your mind throughout your day.

I should do better.

I really shouldn’t have done that.

I’m sure no one likes me.

I really suck at my job.

I’m never ever going to have happiness.

This negative self-talk pulls you down and makes you feel like you are under a big dark cloud. It causes you to dislike yourself and absolutely  kills your self-esteem .

                          But here’s the thing.
           The negative self-talk is all LIES! None of it is true!

And it really, really, needs to end. If you want to grow in self-esteem, your negative self- talk needs to DIE!

Today it’s time to make the switch and allow positive self-talk to fill  your life.


Today, pay close attention to the self-talk that goes on in your head. You may even want to keep a journal of sorts, making notes about the conversations running in your head.

Every time you become aware of negative self-talk, stop and write down the negative thoughts in your journal. Don’t be vague. Write down EXACTLY what’s going through your mind.

Then – and this is crucial – replace the negative self-talk with one of the affirmations from yesterday’s challenge.

After you have written this affirmation in your journal, try repeating it out loud five times, out loud so you can hear your words.

Try to have FIVE TIMES more positive self-talk than negative, in fact your goal is to try and make this your new habit

As you do this, you’ll be amazed at the effect is has on your day. Try to remember your goal is to have FIVE TIMES more positive self-talk than negative!

Tomorrow we will talk about negative toxic relationships and how important it is to surround yourself with positive people.

Until then, please share one of the negative thoughts you encountered and what you replaced it with. Write it in the comments below…

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