Eliminating Toxic Relationships – Day 4

Day 4:

Eliminating Toxic Relationships

Welcome! Can you believe we are at day 4 already! Let’s keep going.

Today we’re talking about the very important subject of toxic relationships.


It’s very probably every one of us has toxic relationships in their life. You the people  who constantly criticise other people and criticise whatever we do.

Who are always complaining.

Who only ever seem to focus on the negative.

And the ones that have a knack of dumping  all their problems on others.

These toxic relationships make you feel bad all the time and are INCREDIBLY detrimental to self-esteem. When you’re in their company it feels like there is  a dark cloud over your head.

Israelmore Ayivor said:

You can likely identify seven things negative people will do to you. They are:

1. Belittle your value
2. Ruin your image
3. Drive you crazy
4. Rubbish your dreams
5. Discredit your imagination

6. Knock your abilities

7. Distrust your opinions

This is why negative people must be, if not eliminated from your life, then drastically minimized. They will  crush your self-esteem, drag you down and leave you feeling miserable.

It’s time for you to SURROUND yourself with people who affirm and value you and who can love you for who YOU are.

Todays Challenge:

Think of the three most toxic relationships you have that cause affect you the most, then take out a piece of paper and write them down.

Take time to think these relationships through.  Think about who criticizes you the most?

Who is complaining all the time?

Who tends to continually dump all their problems on you?

Who is it that always makes you feel like garbage?

It may not be possible  to cut these people out of your life, but you can resolve to spend less time with them.  If they are close family, it may be helpful to approach them and tell them how you feel.

Notice how you feel even thinking about these relationships…. do you feel drained and negative?

Lets try to change that…

Now think of the three most positive relationships you have.

The positive people who encourage and affirm you the most.

Those who appreciate and affirm you the most.

Make the decision now to endeavour to spend MORE time with them. In fact why not call one right now and try to set up a time where you can share a coffee together.

By eliminating toxic relationships and replacing them with positive ones, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your self-esteem.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Remember to write down the three negative people you’ll spend less time with and the three positive people you’re going to spend more time with.

Now that you have identified your positive and negative relationships, why not leave a comment below describing how the positive people make you feel. This will actually help bring further clarity to you about the effect these positive people have on you, and greater awareness about all your relationships .

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