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Review Your Morning Routine Regularly

New routines and habits to make better use of you time in your mornings are a great thing. They allow you to do what you need to do to. You can move ahead without having to spend a lot of energy and time thinking about what you need to do.

And that is a great thing.

It’s can also be a dangerous thing when you are focusing on the wrong things and are in the habit of doing things that don’t help you reach your goals. 

When we get into a routine, it’s hard to stop and ask ourselves if it’s working as well as it could be.

More importantly, it’s easier to keep going when the circumstances change within a routine if a set of habits are firmly established.

So it’s really  important and valuable to periodly review y our routine and habits, including you new morning makeover routine. 

Make a note to set aside a small amount  to time every few weeks, or even months to review your routine. Pop in in your diary somewhere and make sure you do it. It will be a very beneficial and valuable exercise in the long run and it won’t take you long .

Change is constant.

Our circumstances and lives change. So we need to be flexible with our routines – they need to change as well.  It doesn’t necessary follow that just because something has served us well over the past few weeks and months,  that it will continue to do so.

And that brings up something important….

You need to ask yourself these questions when you sit down to review your morning routine.  (This applies to any routine or habit you’ve been working on for that matter)

If it working for me?  Is it serving my purpose?

If it is – great, you can  simply carry on and no changes required.

If not,  it may be time to tweak it and make some changes.

Some adjustments may be necessary until you find something that works well for you. Think about what you love and what you hate about the new morning routine – what is working …..and what needs changing? Make the necessary changes accordingly until you get as close as possible to loving everything about it and gaining the results you want.

Be aware that this morning routine will change and evolve over time just as your circumstance, you and those around you in your life also change and evolve.

Look at the changes  as an indication that you’re making progress…. and embrace them!

Keep tweaking and improving your morning routine and don’t be afraid to mix up your goals for it.

Your goals and priorities will likely change.

Perhaps exercise was a priority first thing in the day. However as your fitness levels increase you may want to change your exercise time till after work for example as a way to help de-stress. Then you focus will be on something else in the morning, like meditation or perhaps learning a new language or self development.

The important thing here is to keep evolving.  Use those precious first few hours of each day to establish  positive change in yourself and those around you. 

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